began operations in the beginning of 1998, being formed by a group of diverse persons with different technical backgrounds and much experience in a wide range of services.

The company activity is centered in two wide arieas: Engineering, since 1998, and Information Technologies (IT), since 2004.

On Engineering, Dèbid works with multidisciplinary groups attacking each project as a team, reaching the highest levels of value for the end customer.

Regarding the IT area, Dèbid 's engineers design systems and installations related to the IT world, resourcing to the latest innovations of a highly changing environment. 

The advantages of Dèbid's flat organization are the following:


      • Optimisation of structural costs decreasing the cost of services.

      • Agility in any internal procedure and decision taking, facilitating to follow the rythm of the projects.

      • Absence of the inertia present in organizations oriented to hierarchical levels and departments.

      •  Direct contact with the customer, who has a Dèbid's counterpart with clearance to take fast decisions.