ti-cpd_01Dèbid designs and implements Data Centers accordingly to international standards. Customer needs are studied in detail by a group of specialists, defining the optimal solution for each particular case, taking into account parameters as:

  • Available budget and desired ROI. Degree of modularity.
  • TIER level (Uptime Institute): subsystems redundancy.
  • Energy efficiency. Determination of target PUE, use of sustainable technologies.
  • Maintenance model.
  • Actual IT power and expected consumption growth.

Besides technical factors, we analise together with our customer other aspects:

  • Company image: A Data Center can be used as a showcase of the company's reliability.
  • Insurance: Minimization of fees by risk reduction.
  • Law: Critical points of in-force Law to solve.
  • Risk: Advise the customer evaluating the catastrophe risk of the premises to be able to determine the adequate investment level.

Dèbid  focuses on overall design, considering electrical, mechanical, civil and communications infrastructure.

Data Center design