develops high featured systems with functionalities practically non-existent in the market. These systems are continuously updated and evolved following the pace of the new technologies, always adding innovative aspects of high added value for the clients.



The PROmon monitoring system unifies the simultaneous management of different alarms and equipment in environments with high technological complexity. PROmon has a wide range of applications, such as Data Center management, integral building management or manufacturing plants monitoring.

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Vídeo surveillance


Dèbid has developed an open escalable, fully digital system adaptable to specific requirements of the customer. Prepared for integration with the customer's IT systems, Panoptic is endowed with high added value functionalities by using the image together with other formats of information. The system is totally digital, supplying the advantages allowing IP video integration over the client's IT infrastructure.

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Thermal monitoring of electrical switchboards


Real-time thermal monitoring of electrical cabinets helps minimizing the risk of incidence halting production. TERmon has wireless nodes collecting data from different temperature sensors deployed into the cabinets, processing the gathered information to detect overload problems or hot spots.

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