PROmon advanced monitoring system unifies simultaneous management of different alarms and equipment in high technology environments.

PROmon has a wide range of applications such as data center management, integral building managemenet or processing and manufacturing plant monitoring.



The need for integrated monitoring

pmn_pantalla_petitIn these environments, the presence of different monitoring consoles is usual, each with its own software to manage different subsystems. For instance, in a data center several management software packages are common to manage air conditioning, UPS, fire alarm, CCTV, access control, etc.

Users have to connect to different systems with dedicated consoles, or in the best situation, a single console from which to establish sessions over each of the servers to manage the equipment. Using this procedure is not comfortable, as quick event detection and diagnose is difficult.

In mission critical spaces, the highest priority is in gaining knowledge as soon as possible about what events are taking place to be able to take action to minimise risk (partial or total outage, fire, non-authorised access, etc.).







PROmon has been developed with the aim to collect in a single screen all information, control parameters and status of the different connected systems. Moreover, an internal database is available for different event correlation, taking advantage of the synergy offered by the rational processing of collected data.

PROmon server is placed, within the management network diagram, as a monitoring proxy. Its main purpose consists of collecting information and alarms of support equipment while presenting an SNMP agent to the NMS, being an excellent solution to integrate non-standard equipment in SNMP management networks.


Energy efficiency

PROmon can have an energy efficiency management module allowing the real-time measurement of the following parameters:

• PUE (Power Usage Efectiveness)
• DCiE (Data Center infrastructure Efficiency)
• CPE (Compute Power Efficiency)

PROmon supplies any needed data to quantify at any given moment the energy efficiency of a Data Center. It is possible, by fine tuning of the different systems, to optimise the energy savings without losing performance. Any low-efficency situation generates events an d alarms to report about the actual efficiency state.


Wireless sensors

promon_grafic2PROmon has a WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) module based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

The data collecting is carried out by means of wireless nodes powered either by batteries or by AC/DC adapter. The nodes have sensor inputs which are read and the data sent to a central node commanded by the PROmon server.
The nodes have an option for GSM/GPRS connectivity allowing low cost deployment at remote areas.
This option is very suitable for hosting providers data centers as it allows to invest on monitoring equipment following the server rack deployment.


• Data Center monitoring
• Data Center maintenance
• Environmental and video monitoring of production lines
• Temperature monitoring of power cabinets
• Remote monitoring of premises




• Single cameras, groups of 4, 16 or 25
• Sequences of cameras (manual or timed activation)
• Group sequences
• Mouse and keyboard PTZ command
• Graphs of evolution of environmental variables
• Visualization of graphs simultaneously with images
• Full-screen monitoring mode with alarms
• Presentation of video of positions associated to the alarms


• MJPEG format (600 i.p.s.)(1)
• Continuous, on-demand and timed recording
• Alarm-activated recording: Pre and Post alarm(2)
• Auto hard-disk space management

Recording management

• Advance play (different speeds or frame-by-frame mode)
• Search of recording by camera, type, date and time, alarm markers


• Recording export to format .avi 
• Picture export to format .jpg 


• Alarms by movement detection, I/O, audio level and tampering(2)
• Alarms by temperature, humidity, equipment power, etc.
• Integration with Access Control, Intrusion and Fire Alarm systems
• WSN modules

Alarm reporting (2)

• Alarm reporting (visually and audio)
• Camera positioning responsive to alarms
• Alarm-associated cameras screen switching
• Recording manager alarm bookmarks
• Live images at remote control center
• E-mail reporting (real-time and/or timed briefing)
• SMS messaging
• FTP image sending
• Alarm log
• External devices activation signals


• Users management
• Fine-grain security
• System events log
• E-mail log reporting, by event and timed configurable briefing


• Independently configurable language for each user.

(1) Size of image: 160x120. Images of movement scenes, 40% compression.
(2) Depending on the camera model

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