TERmon is a temperature monitoring system for electrical switchboards. The temperatures reading is carried out via wireless transceivers, easying the data collecting network avoiding cabling layout and therefore reducing the investment by the use of low-cost nodes. This deployment allows hot-spots or defects detection to act quickly and precisely.

TERmon uses an open standard, internationally accepted, non-interferent with WiFi networks.


Network nodes are powered by batteries, with autonomy ranging up to three years.





The nodes collect data from different temperature sensors installed into switchboards while measuring the external temperature, essential to determine de temperature differential with the switchboard's.

TERmon gathers the node transmissions and stores the readings into a database over which data analysis can be performed in two operation modes:

  • Monitor mode: the interface presents the real-time system status.
  • Analysis mode: the user selects a time period over which to study different measurements as for instance the accumulated temperature increment or the average over all points.

The collected data are processed to send alarms and warnings by e-mail, SMS or on-screen when thermal conditions cross the user-defined thresholds.








Temperature defects


Hot spots in electrical switchboards are produced as a consequence of bad contact between cables and the electrical bars. Vibration and temperature variations loose screws as time goes by.

It is very common to take thermographies of electrical switchboards in a 6- or 12-month frequency. Thermographies, pictures taken at the infrared band, show temperature gradients by different colouring allowing the maintenance team to view which connections need an action. In spite of their usefulness, thermographies give the information only at the moment they are taken. Therefore, if actual information needs to be available at a given time, a new thermographic take has to be carried out, an expensive and slow procedure.



The use of TERmon for a thermal management of the switchboards brings the following benefits:


• to have real-time information regarding the temperature conditions,


• to receive alarm warnings by e-mail or SMS,


• to plan thermography takes only when needed, with the associated cost savings,


• to avoid critical situations ending up in service outage or even fires and evacuation alarms.